Pineapple Express is a wonderful Sativa dominant hybrid strain that has a 60/40% ratio. THC levels are 25% which makes for a nice, intense high. A body and mind sensation that heightens your state of calmness and relaxation. So, these bodacious buds themselves have a nice citrus smell and taste. Of course, there in the forefront is a musky, sweet pineapple flavor. This flavor is quite unlike anything you have ever tried. The buds themselves are quite remarkable indeed. Bright green and bumpy, with frosty trichomes. Making this quite a unique looking bud. Hollywood made a great stoner film “Pineapple Express”  in which the herb has the lead role in this action, comedy. If you are new to smoking the incredible Pineapple Express and aren’t familiar with the movie. Then now is the perfect time to have a two in one! Watch a great movie and enjoy a nice spliff! Let me tell you more about my experience with this happy herb in this Pineapple Express Review.

Pineapple Express Review

Pineapple Express Review 1After my wife and I, Shuga smoked a gorgeous bowl of Pineapple Express, we decided to take a trip to Amsterdam for a vacation. It was not long before we were sitting in a cafe, in the beautiful city, toking Pineapple Express. We talked about the movie and the adventure of getting to where we were now. Our body’s were now where our brain’s always wanted to be! It was then we were approached by a strange monocled character, who introduced himself as Baron Blungdorf. The Baron stood on one leg and bowed. He looked like a scarecrow in an old black jacket he wore, with straw sticking out all over. He then handed us 2 tickets for the Orient Express. Paris to Budapest. Unfortunately they were for 2009. It gave us an idea to make the trip by other means.

All Aboard

We brought vape pens full of Pineapple Express and embarked on our journey. We rented unicycles on the Champs – Elysees from a blind mime named Maurice. It took more than 4 month’s to complete the adventure. We always made sure we would make stops in towns like Gyor and Pecs to enjoy the pleasure of Pineapple Express. We only had one incident on a lonely road in the country. A group of dwarfs wearing glowing skull masks robbed us one night.. We were surprised to say the least. Shuga offered up a little Pineapple Express and they returned everything to us, then made us fried chicken. In the end, all I can say is that Pineapple Express is great anytime. Especially on vacation to let your worries fade and adventure is at your command! Or just stay at home and eat pizza!

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