Piecemaker Indestuctable Pipe ReviewToday’s Piecemaker Indestuctable Pipe Review brings you a great little portable pipe for under 25 dollars. I am always looking for products that offer both quality and value. I see no reason to drop hundreds of dollars when I can purchase something for 10 or 20 dollars that does the job.

You probably know by now that I am not one to buy into gimmicks. Also, I don’t mind dropping a lot of money if the product warrants it. That having been said, I have found many decent products that function as well or better than the high end, or rather high price products..

I have recently reviewed a couple of pretty good pipes that didn’t break my bank. But actually they get the job done just fine. One is my new Six Chamber. You can read my review for that here https://420.reviews/six-chamber-magnetic-disc-pipe-review/ and another cheap pipe that I like is the Monkey Twister. Check out that review here https://420.reviews/monkey-twister-pipe-review-portable-pipe/. Both of these are very affordable and function just fine.

Piecemaker Indestuctable Pipe Review

Piecemaker Indestuctable Pipe Review

For a small pipe there is actually quite a bit to like here. First of all , the fact that it is small, at only 6 inches, makes it a great little portable pipe. If I take a pipe out of the house discretion is crucial. I like the fact that it has a neat little cap that pops on and stays on. This is huge for me. I can pack the bowl before I leave the house. Then I don’t have to lug a big bag of weed with me in a public venue. I hate getting arrested.

The pipe is solid piece of silicon. You can not break it. trust me. You can sit on it. Drop it. Throw it. And trust me this thing is not going to break. Finally it comes in lots of cool colors.  So, pick your favorite design and cough up $24.99 and be the new proud owner of a pipe you will have for the next 50 years.