Phoenix Tears Review by Rick Simpson

Phoenix Tears is a very cutting edge approach to health and healing using medical marijuana. Specifically, Phoenix Tears is a book, product and project from the mind of Rick Simpson. His famously marketed RSO, Rick Simpson Oil, carries the lore of being able to cure cancer. It did, according to Rick, cure his own cancer.

He developed this groundbreaking oil as a sort of cure-all and a last resort in curing his own cancer without the poisons of chemotherapy. I decided to do the research myself for this review. The review turns out to be a bit of a mixed bag. However, it is certainly worth looking into if you or someone you love is ill or suffering from cancer.

Phoenix Tears: The Book Review

Phoenix Tears Review by Rick SimpsonThe book itself is full of hefty claims. Many of these claims can be substantiated. And there other claims that are not so easy to substantiate. However, the testimonials of patients are in abundance. And that matters. The problem with the medical field is that not enough long term studies have been completed to solidify an absolute result. This doesn’t stop Rick from making the claims with zestful conviction. Some professional in the medical and health field beg to differ for the reasons stated above. The book may be a bit biased. However, there’s a lot of good science and information to be garnered. He also includes a step by step breakdown of how to make his magic oil at home.

RSO ( Rick Simpson Oil) Review

The oil itself is a very powerful THC laden indica strain based oil. Generally, most new and approved medical marijuana oils are heavy on CBD and light on the THC. One thing for sure that studies have shown is the two work best in unison. THC is the psychotropic element of cannabis that gets you high.

So, this is less likely to be found in most medical approaches. However, Rick’s RSO is a special formula that healed his cancer with THC. The oil also aides with 100’s of others ailments both physical and mental. Rick believes this will cure just about anything. Science cannot yet back up that claim. Some people have amazing results and others are mediocre. The best thing you can do is try itself. We hope it works for you. In the end, we give Phoenix Tears on thumbs up for the positive results and one thumb down for making claims ( that he does 100% believe) that have yet to be proven in extensive laboratory studies.