Phantom Cookies ReviewPhantom Cookies will leave you freshly baked. This happy herbage comes from the fine people at GDP Seeds. When you cross Platinum Cookies, Cherry Pie and Bay 11 you get a happy relaxed hybrid that takes you to where you want to be. Make sure you have plenty of your favorite snacks around. Because you will be munching away on a cloud and laughing at your own feet as they are dancing to cartoon music. Let me tell you a fabulous story about this gregarious ganja in my Phantom Cookies Review.

Phantom Cookies Review

My wife Shuga is always full of surprises. One day she called my friend Smedley and got a nice bag of Phantom Cookies from him. Being such a great cook and knowing how much I love the herb. Shuga decided to make me a batch of Phantom Cookies cookies. I was away at a Tiddly Wink tournament. So I was excited to get home and show Shuga my first place trophy which was a giant silver disc. She greeted me at the door with a kiss and a nice bong hit of Phantom Cookies. I have a gift for you she said with a twinkle in her eye.

With that she went to the cupboard to get the cookies and they were gone ! We panicked tore the house apart looking for the Phantom Cookies. I had a hunch and looked into our dog Carl’s doghouse and saw a few cookies left. I heard some crazy barking and looked over the fence. There was Carl on my son’s skateboard wearing the sombrero I had bought in Cancun. He also had a bitch on the back and he began to howl like a wolf and then laugh like a hyena. Shuga and I enjoyed watching Carl have fun. He is a good dog because I know he felt guilty for the theft and left us a few Phantom Cookies Cookies. Really a man’s best friend !

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