Petra Eucalyptus Mints Marijuana Edibles ReviewPetra may have come up with the most innovative way to use cannabis that I have ever come across, delectable little mints that you can pop throughout your day. And the cost is fantastic. These are the lowest THC level products I have seen anywhere. At first, I thought 2.5 mgs, what’s the point? Now I understand. And that is why I am very excited about ourĀ Petra Eucalyptus Mints Marijuana Edibles Review.

I do a lot of interacting with people throughout a typical day. This means two things. First, I like to have fresh breath. I have a strange fear of having bad breath. And I hate when someone with bad breath breathes in my face. Secondly, due to the fact that I am constantly dealing with people I can become irate. Petra Mints solve both of these problems.

I can’t excuse myself and go outside and spark up a joint every time some one pisses me off. The smell, the illegality and the inconvenience make that impossible. But what I can do is pop a mint in my mouth right in front of the person who is infuriating me and thus solve my problem discreetly.

I have always enjoyed eating mints while working. It keeps me from smoking cigarettes. It’s how I quit. But now I get a double joy. Because I am staying fresh, keeping occupied and receiving a low dose of THC all at the same time. There’s also a great gum I reviewed recently that you can read about at this link hereĀ

Petra Eucalyptus Mints Marijuana Edibles ReviewPetra Eucalyptus Mints Marijuana Edibles Review

These sweet Eucalyptus mints come in a cool tin can. I change the can to further add to my personal discretion. Best of all, you get 42 mints for only $15 dollars. So I can eat between 6 and 10 during a work day and really feel great. I feel focused and energized. And yes I am very easy to work with. Hell, Abe the jerk that everyone dislikes has kind of become my buddy.

On days when I am feeling good I eat much less. I find this is the only way I have ever been able to really moderate my high. So for that reason I find Petra Mints to be one of the very best medical edibles available on the market today.

Stay fresh my friends and enjoy your day. Thanks Petra