Permafrost lives up to it’s name with it’s buds coated in glorious amounts of diamond sparkling white Trichomes. This bodacious bud is a Sativa dominant Hybrid. So this is a product of Rogue Buds and is one of more popular strains. The genetics of this fine herb are a cross between White Widow and Train wreck. Two outstanding strains in there own right. When combined make for a very special blend with very special qualities. With a pine forest like aroma it takes you to the great outdoors when you are indoors. A happy herb that has a full body buzz as well as calming cerebral effects. This is a very relaxing cannabis that will not leave you couch locked. In fact it is also very stimulating and brings on energy and focus. You will see what I mean in this Permafrost Review.

Permafrost Review Permafrost Marijuana Strain Review 2

Last Saturday instead of sleeping in I woke up early and toked a nice spliff of Permafrost. Instantly felt focused and energized. I let the wife sleep as I went down to the kitchen and made a big breakfast and then baked muffins for the better half.

I then cleaned the the whole house while listening to some awesome tunes on my Ipod. So then I went in the back yard and trimmed the hedges and watered the lawn. The car needed a wash so I made it sparkle. Cleaned the gutters from leaves and washed the outside windows. Also I washed the dog and the cat. I ventured inside and made love to my wife 3 times and the made her breakfast in bed and gave her fresh picked flowers from the garden. Lance Romance as it were indeed. All this before 11 am. Somewhat of a productive day I would say !


Permafrost is one of those outstanding strains that because of it’s energetic and focused qualities make it a good choice for people with ADD/ADHD. Also a great choice for depression, stress, fatigue, pain and headaches.