Percolators; What are they?

Percolators, the newish “cool” way to hit a bong. No not cool like the new in thing. But. Cool in the way that it literally cools your bong hit. Percolators take away that harshness regular bongs may have. In my honest opinion. I never got into bongs because I did not enjoy coughing my face off after. But since being introduced to percolator style bongs. Everyone and their grandma should honestly try one. 

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Through the use of multiple filtration through the water on the “percolator”, your hit comes out much cooler and nicer to your throat then smoke that only has one filtration process. There are tons of different styles out there, some quite crazy and complex. But the usual style is in a dome shape.

Now because the smoke has to go through this second filtration, it will naturally cool the smoke. Secondly, because of the pressure inside the percolator, the bubbles will break down into small bubbles, thus creating a smoother cleaner hit.

There a so many styles of percolators on the market. You won’t grow tired with all the possibilities! 

Additionally, there is this gadget called a diffuser. He’s a pretty smooth, cool addition to your setup. You use the diffuser by inserting it into the shaft of your percolator bong.  There are small holes at the bottom that the smoke now has to go through before reaching the water, breaking it up into smaller particles allowing for an even crisper hit.  

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Fact or Myth; Do percolators make your high greater?

Unfortunately, this is a myth. THC is not soluble in water, and percolators actually decrease the THC consumed with the extra filtration.

But those who have tried a percolator will argue that it gets them more stoned. My guess is the hoot you take is so smooth, that you end up taking one bigger than what you would usually take with a regular bong.