Peanut Glass Pipe ReviewI found a glass pipe that I think is perfect for travelling. I will explain the reasons in today’s Peanut Glass Pipe Review. Well, there is really one reason. That reason is the price. What is the price? Well, hold on to your seats. The price is .60 cents. Yes, you heard me right. Imagine a real glass pipe that actually works and even looks pretty cool for 60 cents. I know its crazy that is why I felt the need to share the secret.

Is this the best glass pipe you will ever use? Hell, no. Does it matter? Hell, no. We’re talking about the cheapest pipe you will ever buy in your entire life. But that is the point. Best of all, these are throw away pipes. Also they are perfect for hiding in your pocket, smoking your buds and dumping in the trash so there’s no evidence. They make great stocking stuffers for the kids,too. Thats if your an awesome parent.

Peanut Glass Pipe Review

Peanut Glass Pipe ReviewI like my little Peanut. I like the price obviously. But I also like the size. They are only 2-3 inches long. So that makes these little Peanuts not only the cheapest pipes, but theyre also the smallest. Not bad for 60 cents. Also they come in different colors. That is about all there is to say about the specifics of the pipe.

Oh, there is one catch. You have to buy 100 of them. So if you’re looking at around 50 bucks for 100 pipes. Another reason to buy them is to make money. Sell them for 2 or 3 dollars each to your friends and you can make a quick and easy couple hunderd bucks. Sell them to the local stores and make a fortune. This could be your new job. Who knows? Also you will have gifts for everyone for every occassion.

Peanut Glass Pipe Review

Finally, what else needs be said? If you want a cheap throw away pipe or simply looking to make some easy money this is a great pipe. In closing, Its nuts. Peanuts.