Peanut Brittle Bar Marijuana Edibles ReviewKeep it simple. Keep it pure. These are great mottos to live by. And it is the mission statement at Simply Pure. You will see that in today’s Peanut Brittle Bar Marijuana Edibles Review. This honey roasted sativa treat will satisfy every cell in your body. Every 70 mg THC crunch will have your mouth watering, your body relaxing and your mind at peace. Don’t afraid to share this with a friend or two, or you might munch yourself into a powerful sugar and cannabis high.

I broke my golden rule when it comes to medical edibles. If you follow my reviews and blogs then you know that when it comes to testing out new products I always go slow. You never know how a new product will affect you. THC levels vary even within one company or one product. Then there is also the sugar, caffeine, CBD level and other elements to consider. Well, I should have taken my own advice.

I hadn’t had peanut brittle in many many years. So, when I discovered Simply Pure. I was quiet simply and purely delighted. And I wasn’t let down on any account. I got home from work on Thursday. And I was stressed. I was tired. And I was hungry. So, I grabbed my Brittle Bar. And I ate the whole thing. This turned out to be a crippling mistake. Although I did enjoy myself immensely for the rest of the night. However it was too much. I didn’t even make it to work Friday. Note to self, eat dinner first next time. And then only eat half a bar.

Peanut Brittle Bar Marijuana Edibles ReviewPeanut Brittle Bar Marijuana Edibles Review

Simply Pure is a small company. They consider themselves a small-batch bakery. Their specialty is making the best tasting, high quality cannabis treats. And they do it well.

Great tasting is just how I would describe this peanut brittle. It tastes just like the brittle I used to get when we went to watch the Red Sox at Fenway Park. The crunch is perfect. Also, the sugary and sweet brittle has just the right amount of salt sprinkled on it.

On top of all that the good people at Simply Pure use only organic ingredients. So, the sugar content is high in this medical edible. But you can rest assured that each ingredient is all natural.

In conclusion, I simply give Simply Pure a big and pure Thumbs Up.