Pay Pay Rolling Papers ReviewWelcome to our old school Pay Pay Rolling Papers Review. The oldest known rolling paper in the World is Pay-Pay. They date back to at least the mid 1700’s. Their history is as well a guarded secret as their method of manufacturing. Back in the day of pirates and discovery of the New World, sailors would land in undiscovered lands and early settelements. Tobacco had become big business by the mid 1700’s. So, you know the early seaside pubs were full of smoke and stories from the High Seas.

I imagine these must have been romantic and wild times to have been globe trotting. Merchants and thieves would be filling the pubs looking for treasure and looking to trade. Dregs of beers arrive at the table via the local wenches. All the men are smoking the pure tobacco being harvested by the newly bought and sold slaves from Africa. Sea Captains and locals would be bartering with locals while cabin boys sat in the corner rolling up cigarettes with Pay-Pay Rolling Papers. What a time to be alive.

Pay Pay Rolling Papers Review

Although, much of PP is a mystery, what is known is that Spainsh sailors brought these all natural papers. They were well sought after by locals and native Indians alike, for cotton and tobacco. To this day the manufacturing process has amazinlgy remained a well shrouded secret. But, what is not a secret is that Pay-Pay only uses the finest quality products to produce these great rolling papers.

Pay Pay Rolling Papers ReviewWhat sets these papers apart is that they only use Hemp base for the papers. The glue is pure cane sugar base. These make a perfect match with a nice rich organic tobacco. But even better than cigarettes is how wonderful they are for dry herbs. I spent decades using store bought papers. Bleaches and other chemicals ruin the papers. And, they really deter from the whole experience.

I like to go as all natural as possible when I am getting stoned. When I am at home I like using a desk top vaporizer or bong. Water filtration is stil the best way to injest weed. However, when I am out on the town I like to roll a couple joints and stuff them in my cigarette box.

Pay Pay Rolling Papers Review – Summary

For decades Pay-Pay went under the radar but continued to maintain their integrity and original recipe. In recent years however, they have seen a real boom in sales. This is due to a health conscience society and people making better choices when it comes to smoking. So, give Pay- Pay a try. I am pretty sure you won’t go back to the mass produced lesser products ever again.