Paracord Stealth Bracelet Pipe ReviewWant to be fashionable? Need to be discreet? Well, then you will want to read our Paracord Stealth Bracelet Pipe Review. This is where style and discretion go literally hand in hand. You can wear your pot pipe right on your wrist. Imagine the giggle you will get when some one compliments you’re stylish arm accessory. They wouldn’t have the slightest idea that just 15 minutes earlier you were outside in the garden getting stoned by using your bracelet.

Paracord Stealth Bracelet Pipe Review

This bracelet pipe is one of those things that when I saw it, I couldn’t help thinking, “Why the Hell didn’t I think of that?” Alas, I did not. But, I did get to try one. It smoked pretty good. I don’t think any one is expecting that The Paracord is some high quality pipe that you will use for years to come. It is not. It is more of a novelty. But as far as gimmicky items go, this pipe is fun.

Paracord Stealth Bracelet Pipe ReviewThe fact of the matter is, it is actually pretty well constructed. And the reason for that is that the material is actual parachute cord. This makes it not only tough but very unique as well. They come in different colors to match your different color clothes. I let me girlfriend wear it because she had a yellow dress that night. She really did get compliments. And we could not stop laughing.

The discretion and misdirection make this pipe a one of a kind. It is surprisingly easy to use and to clean. The price is only $8.50. So, for my money The Paracord makes a perfect gift. Anyone who smokes will love this as a gift. They will not only use it, but they will think you really put a lot of thought into it. And you simply can’t beat the price. Let them think you spent a fortune.

So, if you want to look great and feel even better while keeping your private business just that , then The Paracord is easily worth the 8 bucks. Enjoy and have fun.