Pagoda Marijuana Strain ReviewTake off your sandals and quietly enter our Pagoda Marijuana Strain Review. This is a tiered tower of pleasure. 20% THC and a sativa dominant strain that will leave you as calm as a sitting Buddha. Nirvana will quickly be attained as you smoke this very rare Asian inspired strain.

Living a big city is never easy. Life ain’t easy. The stress of life can at times be to much to handle. Almost everyone has to work. Most of us have jobs we hate, bills we can’t pay, loves that we lost, sickness and death. Just about everyone gets to the point, at one time or another, when they just want to give up. Don’t! No longer will you feel so distraught. Marijuana is the cure. And Pagoda is just the prescription for what ails you.

Sometimes all you need is bump in the right direction. Pagoda will make you feel and see everything differently. Most of all, it’s amazing effects open your eyes to the here and now. All your worries about the future can wait. Those things seem less important after a few bong hits. Also, your regrets from the past no longer haunt you. Pagoda will really make you want to stop and the smell the flowers. Do it. It’s beautiful.

Pagoda Marijuana Strain ReviewPagoda Marijuana Strain Review

Pagoda is a very uplifting hybrid. The classification is Genius phenotype with powerful parents. First off, this is a hybrid of Apollo 11 and Appalacia. Secondly, the 70% sativa will put you in the best of moods for hours. Finally, the 30% will relax your entire body like a massage.

The combination of high THC and sativa dominance really create a care free state of mind. As a result, the effect is great. She calms. Also, it lasts all day. The taste stays as well. The aroma is very citrus and fruity smelling. Also a nice pungent odor lingers on your tongue. This adds to the high nicely. Enjoy pure tranquility.

Medically speaking, Pagoda is wonderful for both physical and mental woes. You will sleep soundly and awake refreshed. Therefore, this makes the strain a perfect choice for the everyday user. So go with the flow to your own private Pagoda and achieve real Nirvana. Go into the light. Peace.