Outer Space marijuana strain is a super hybrid Sativa strain that is out of this world. This is a mix of Island Sweet Skunk and Trinity. Therefore you will have the makings of a true space cadet. A relaxed euphoria abounds with this happy herb. The aroma and taste tantalizes your senses with a sweet, skunky and citrus sensation. The bud’s themselves are robust, crawling with red hairs and glistening frosty trichomes. Let me explain more in this Outer Space Marijuana Strain Review.

Creativity also plays a part with this gregarious ganja. Being a guitar player I have written some of my band Gardenslug Jubilee best song’s after a few tokes of Outer Space. Also on the medicinal side, the effects are excellent in alleviation of stress, anxiety and pain. THC level is a potent 20%, so novice smokers will not need much to get to three stars from Mars.

Outer Space Marijuana Strain Review

Outer Space Marijuana Strain Review 1It was a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon about a month ago and it was my day to relax. Gardenslug Jubilee had just come off a ten city tour. Therefore, there was nothing more that I wanted to do than spark up a nice spliff of Outer Space. My worries of this wacky world soon drifted away into space. It was then the outdoors beckoned me, so I went and sat on the back deck.

Space in time

How wonderful a day I thought for a barbecue. Quickly I called my friends and within an hour I had a party. I also had an ample supply of Outer Space which everybody toked out of my coconut bong. Soon the stereo was blasting reggae and house music. All my neighbors joined in dancing far into the night. When darkness fell, a bright clear star lit sky was our roof. We passed around spliff’s lying on our backs, looking deep into outer space.

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