Organic CBD Gummies Marijuana Edibles ReviewGo get Grandma. Her gummies are here. She loves the natural and organic chewy treat that shes puts in her little candy dish on the coffee table. 90 mgs of THC broken up into 50 micro dosage gummy squares get her through the day. These gummies are designed to help you manage pain without suffering the affects of THC. Most patients with body aches that are older or were never pot smokers to begin with do not want the head high. They can now enjoy the CBD in the cannabis, as you will see in today’s Organic CBD Gummies Marijuana Edibles Review

Grandma is a left over hippie from the 60’s. She’s been smoking marijuana since long before I was even born. And I am almost 50. She ran away to Mexico and robbed a bank on horseback in her 20’s, or so the legend goes. I believe it. She took the money. And apparently she opened a saloon in Austin Texas, having been run out of Mexico. Better than that, it was also a Bordello. Grandma is no innocent little old lady. She is a wise old sage that knows the healing powers of cannabis.

Organic CBD Gummies Marijuana Edibles Review

Organic CBD Gummies Marijuana Edibles ReviewMicro dosage gummies are perfect for the person that needs relief without feeling the affects of being “stoned.” Also, Grandma is like me. It takes about 20 mgs to get a mediocre high going. So eating 2.5 mgs in candy form is almost like not ingesting anything at all. There is no THC. So, the only affect is physical relaxation and relief from body pain. Grandma has had 2 hip replacements. But that doesn’t even include the time she broke her pelvis in some sort of submarine accident.

Grandma gets the 90 mg packge. That helps her moderate her pain for up to a week at a time. She likes that although it is a candy it is all natural. These 100% CBD Gummies are simply, organic tapioca syrup and pure sugar cane. This is a great a great company. So, check out more of their award winning products at the IRIS website.