Oregon Pineapple strain is one happy hybrid that will certainly have a positive effect. This hybrid has all the attributes of a dynamite mix of two great strains. When you unite a hybrid Pineapple with Master Kush Indica the results are amazing. With a 70% Indica / 30% Sativa ratio, you know the results will be marvellous mellow marijuana. The buds themselves are puffy with a pale minty green hue. Covered in a snowy white coating of frosty trichomes and crawling with brilliant red hairs, these nuggets are a sight to behold. The sweet pineapple and earthy fragrance translate into the taste as well, producing a terrific toke. Hold onto your hat because Oregon Pineapple can hit you hard. In this Oregon Pineapple Strain Review, we will explore more.

Oregon Pineapple Strain Review 1This Indica dominant hybrid is knockout that can you couch locked in a euphoric epiphany of existentialism. Moreover, the 20% THC level has a lot to do with the blissful stone you can experience while you’re chilling. Keep plenty of your favourite snacks on hand because of increased appetite. On the medicinal side, Oregon Pineapple is very good at relieving symptoms of stress and anxiety. Also, this helpful herb has been known to help with arthritis, ADD/ADHD, Depression, chronic pain, muscle spasms, nausea and also PTSD. Here’s a bit how this herb helped me in this Oregon Pineapple Strain Review.

Oregon Pineapple Strain Review

A month ago I experienced a day I will not soon forget. I came home early to find my beautiful wife Edna in bed with my next door neighbours half brother Buford. Dejected and heartbroken I drove to work, only to find out I was fired. It was then I decided to take a break to clear my mind. Before my impending divorce, I bought a new Harley Davidson and started a trip from Vancouver to Las Angeles. I brought my narcoleptic dog Doug along for company. We made a beeline for Portland, bypassing Seattle. Our first stop was to purchase some Oregon Pineapple. So down by the seaside, I toked some of that fine herb, while Doug slept as usual. Oregon Pineapple put me in a relaxed state of mind. Adventure lay ahead on the open road. Free at last!