One to One ReviewOne to One has the unique reputation of having a 1- 1 CBD to THC level. This healthy herb is an excellent choice for various medical conditions. Medical marijuana dispensaries are opening up around the country at remarkable rates. The natural herb has shown to have outstanding results in helping to help with over 40 or more ailments. CBD is the natural component of cannabis which can be extracted without the THC content. CBD is the medicinal extract. The use of addicting opioid painkillers has skyrocketed in recent years. So this has resulted in countless death’s and addictions. Pain and stress reduction is what a large percentage of people today use medical marijuana for. I will explain how this helped me in this One to One Review.

One to One Review

Last year was one of my worst years of my life. It started out with me going for a walk in the woods and getting lost. Out of nowhere a swarm of killer bee’s attacked me. I ran screaming into the river where I was swept away my a strong current. Finally I made it to shore after going over a small waterfall. Suffering from sting’s, scrapes and bruises I encountered a Grizzly bear and her cub’s. The bear pounced and I was being shredded like pulled pork when a local farmer named Abner heard the commotion and shot it. I was quickly taken to his farm house where his beautiful daughter Veronica tended to my various wounds.

Helpful Herb

Well after a week I felt a lot better, so much better I was boinking Veronica on a regular bases. Abner caught us one night and chased me out with a shotgun. I jumped out the window and landed on the garden rake which smacked me in the head with a brute force. I staggered to the road. Not before getting a load of buckshot in my ass. Pain I was in indeed. The Amish carriage I flagged down took forever to get me to the hospital. Moreover when I finally made it home I found out that Veronica had given me a present of gonorrhoea and crabs. Let me tell you One to One herb can help to heal the physical and emotional pain.

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