We are kicking it old school in today’s Old Skool Crumble Review. This crumble is a 100% CBD medicine. It is pure and simple pain relief with absolutely no psychoactive THC. It’s potency is 90% pure CBD that you can literally crumble into your favourite pipe, bong, or vaporizer. Old School Remedies is a one of a kind New Mexico based CBD dispensary. So, if you’re looking to hit the bong like Cheech and Chong you may want to read a THC review. This is not a recreational product. Nor are they a recreational dispensary.

In case you’re new to the CBD world let me briefly describe what crumble is and how it works. Sometimes referred to as “honeycomb wax” is an extract that eliminates all impurities. It can be dabbed or “crumbled” right into a joint or bowl.

Old Skool Remedies – New Healing


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Old Skool Remedies is the only purely CBD based company that I have ever come across. It’s more like a hospital or pharmacy to be honest. One of the great things about Old Skool is that you can purchase online without having to go all the way to New Mexico. No one really wants to go there. Due to the fact that they only sell CBD products you can legally purchase online from all 50 States.

Old Skool again is a CBD-ONLY DISPENSARY . They sell only US grown cannabis that meet guidelines of H.R. 525 U.S. Hemp Farming Bill. This means all of their products must test with less than 0.3% THC. So, no fear of paranoia or getting high. You just get the healing.

Old Skool Crumble Review

I read many patient reviews of CBD crumble. These people rave about the positive effects. Moreover, they rave about the lack of negative effects. Because , there are absolutely no bad or negative side effects at all. That is great for those patients that are also on other medicines and afraid of the problems that can be associated by mixing drug regiments. So, if you suffer from physical or mental trauma of any sort Old Skool can save your life. So, give them a visit. And start feeling better today.