Ogopogo Gold Marijuana Strain ReviewAs rare as seeing the Loch Ness Monster or the Ogopogo of British Columbia is this elusive strain. A member of the Gold family Ogopogo is a monster itself with 20% THC. And at 70% sativa this strain may have you seeing more than just mythical lake monsters. So check out our  Ogopogo Gold Marijuana Strain Review and see what you think.

The truth is Ogopogo is not a monster at all. In fact, it represents the “lake spirit” to the native Indians of British Columbia. I was in Whistler just after the 2010 Olympic Games doing some snowboarding. It is beautiful country. One night they took us out into the bush. We found a bar full of locals. Most of the men were older native Indians. Of course, I wanted to ask them about their history.

That is when I first heard of the Ogopogo. The lake monster which inhabited the Okanagan waters. We took a break to go into the back room and smoke up some killer weed. The Indian named Dan told me that he was telling me the story because this was the name of the strain we were hitting. Well, I got stoned right down to my bones.

The Indians or as I quickly learned liked to be called First Nation (fair enough I thought) had been seeing the monster since the early 1800’s. Apparently the beast was up to 50 meters long. It all sounded a bit too Loch Ness for me. But it certainly made for a great story while smoking this great strain. It turns out that if you really get in touch with nature you can see Ogopogo. The reason is, she is the lake’s spirit and not actually a serpent. Either way the strain is very real and very spiritual.

Ogopogo Gold Marijuana Strain ReviewOgopogo Gold Marijuana Strain Review

This monstrous strain will really rock you if you can find it. 70% sativa is enough to have you laughing and euphoric for hours. And the 30% indica is just right for real relaxation without the sleepiness or couch lock you don’t want.

The lineage is also as shrouded in mystery as the Ogopogo itself. What is known however is that is belongs to the Gold family. The best bets are that is originates from Acapulco Gold. Perhaps it orignates from BC Gold too. Either way, the strain is here to stay.

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