OG Four 2 0 Vape Pen ReviewI am really into Vape Pens these days. So, I am excited to offer my OG Four 2 0 Vape Pen Review for your consideration. At a first glance, I thought it was an e-cigarette. I have been vaping eJuice for many years now and only recently graduated to the vape pens.

I think a big part of that is due to the fact that I have always had desktop vaporizers and bongs. Plus, where I lived up until recently was a real police state. So, having pipes, vaporizers and the such out in public was not really my thing. Times have changed. So, have the laws. And finally, the technology that has brought Vape Pens into the common market place.

OG Four 2 0 Vape Pen Review

The OG Four 2.0 is a high quality Dab Vape Pen that delivers a “Rig-Like” experience that is pretty hard to be in it’s class. They have also introduced their patented “Lava-Quartz Coil Technology.” It comes in a stylish chrome finish with a orange polycarbonate heating chamber that is sure to turn heads. It burns concentrates nice and cleanly using a quartz rod single coil atomizer. Allow me to translate. What this means is you vaporizer at the lowest temperature possible. This translates into the freshest, highest quality burn you can get from a Vape Pen.

OG Four 2 0 Vape Pen Review – More Specifications

Low-temperature concentrate toking really Rocks! Your OG Four 2.0 Kit comes packaged with an additional quartz atomizer. That was a very pleasant surprise. The battery is a powerful 6500mAh. The kit includes a USB charger as well. I need that. I can not stand buying new technology and needing to charge with old, like plugging into a wall somewhere. Also, included is the dabbing tool, a silicon jar for concentrate, and some cleaning wipes.OG Four 2 0 Vape Pen Review

This small Vape Pen is only a little over 5 inches long. So, it makes for super portability for all your wax and oil needs on the go. The low calibrated temperature coil in combination with the deep dish atomizer make for a super effective Vape Pen. On a typical night at the bar I can get repeated hits, without having to run off to rest room somewhere to reload. And, I like the visual heating chamber. You always know exactly how much concentrate you have left. That makes for a much more pleasant evening.

Overall Value

At $75.00 dollars, this is a reliable Wax Vape Pen, that heats up in 5 seconds and is as portable as any vaporizer ever created. I would have to say that it is a great value. The quartz coil atomizers alone sold me. Finally, The OG Four 2.0 is understated in it’s looks, powerful in it’s performance and a decent value. I give it a Thumbs Up!