OG Chem ReviewOG Chem is a potent blend of the famous Chemdawg X with Kush strains. With such lineage you can expect great things, and this delivers. A 70% Sativa and 30% Indica has a lot to do with the superb effects the great hybrid provides. A euphoric and relaxing high awaits you. So with THC levels of 20% a couple of tokes will have you floating on a cloud of pure bliss. The buds are nuggets of a nice deep green hue. Also fine red hair’s. Frosty white drop’s coat the this herb of nature. The aroma has a woody and diesel like smell. Distinctive yet inviting. Let me tell some of other fine attributes. Especially how the creative juices flow in this Og Chem Review.

OG Chem Review

It was one days that I won’t soon forget. It all started the night before. My frisky wife Shuga and I  wanted to spice up our love life. We toked a couple of hit’s of OG Chem.  So she got the liquid honey and we had a tasty dinner to say the least. The police were called from her amorous outburst’s of explosive pure passion. Even one of the windows cracked. It was high pitched indeed as it were.


Three AM rolled around and It found Shuga screaming again, but for different reasons. This time however it was different. The ant’s from the potted plant had attacked her nether regions. I rushed her into the shower and washed them off. Towelling her down I was startled see a man in a hockey mask staring at us through the window. I called the police and they arrived 10 minutes. We felt a sense of relief when the told me they had caught the culprit. It turned out it was a prank. The cop’s had found a drunk donkey from a fraternity party wearing a the mask. I wake up often, have a toke of OG Chem and think of this night.

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