OCB Ungummed Rolling Papers ReviewI stumbled upon these OCB  papers quite by accident. But happily I can now present you with an OCB Ungummed Rolling Papers Review. I was taking a tour of a rum factory in the Caribbean and was much in need of a smoke. During the walk from the distillery to the bar my tour guide pulled out a fat cigarette and my mouth started watering. I quickly asked him if he had another. He told me, “Sure.” And pulled out a pouch of all natural tobacco.

I flipped open the lid and a nice sweet smell of cheeries hit my nose. The pouched contained tobacco and a pack of papers. And yes, you guessed it, OCBs. Well, I went about the business contructing a fine cigarette. When I got to the part where it was time to lick the glue I discovered there wasn’t any. My first thought was I rolled the damn thing upside down. Then Ramon, that’s my guide, laughed and explained the papers were ungummed. And so began my relationship with OCB

OCB Ungummed Rolling Papers Review

These are great quality rolling papers manufactured in France. The french take cigarette smoking seriously. They have been making these high quality papers since 1918. The texture is fine and the weight medium. The size is 1 1/2 which is just the right size for a perfect cigarette. These are pure papers. No gum means these are for serious smokers not noobies. The best quality smoke you can achieve in cigarette form is gumless. As a purist I like to inhale pure tobacco or pure green herb with as little interference as possible.

OCB Ungummed Rolling Papers ReviewEach pack come with 150 papers. My fist pack lasted me months and I am a frequent smoker. So I find solid value in that. And most importantly, the papers are 100% pure Flax. I love that the paper is not chemically treated or bleached. All natural is the way to go. And no paper in the world is more natural than one made of Flax. So, what is flax? Well, flax is a flowery plant. Flax is grown in cooler northern climates. It is famous for it’s medicinal value.It is high in fatty acids like omega 3. It is also a powerful antioxidant and protein.

What I enjoyed most is the nutty flavor the paper has that comes from the flax. I also really like rolling my own gum free papers. Although, I will say it takes time to get the paper to stick together. This is an acquired art form that takes patience to master. Occasionally my joint or cigarette falls apart or requires constant licking. Aside from that draw back I like the time it consumes from rolling to smoking. It is fun

OCB Ungummed Rolling Papers Review – Overall

OCBs are fun. Flax based papers are 100% natural. No gum means no unwanted chemicals. You get 150 per pack. Overall these are an excellent choice for the most discerning smoker. Enjoy.