Barack Obama became President of the United States of America it was revealed he had smoked pot. In this Obama Kush Review – President Puffing ! we shall see maybe why. He went to high school in Hawaii where he and his friends formed the ” Choom Gang. ” They were a harmless group young guys that liked to smoke pot. Sometimes they would ” Hot Box ” in one of there cars. Hot Box in case you don’t know is when you pass joints around in a car with the windows rolled up. The car fills with the smoke and it rises to the roof and you press your face to the headliner and breath it all in. This man became the President , that says a lot ! Like the President Obama Kush has some of the same qualities. Relaxation and dealing with stress which in this day and age can be difficult. obama-kush-review

Obama Kush Review – President Puffing !

Although THC levels are 18% this fine herb will give you nice head high and a euphoric and uplifting high. Obama Kush is a blend of Afghani and OG Kush. This being a predominantly Indica based strain also gives the smoker a nice but not to heavy body high. I enjoy this a lot because it does not interfere with my mental clarity.  And it brings out the creativity in me. My wife is always amazed at what I get done around the house and yard when I have been partaking in this wonderful weed. You should try it !

Seal of Approval !

Superior Genetics a Michigan based company is responsible for creating this unique blend. This strain has a spicy, earthy and a slightly sweet taste. These buds are slightly purple in color and have many thick red hairs. Moreover Obama Kush is one of the strains that is an all around effect herb. It is great for physical ailments and anxiety, depression and lack of appetite and also at night if you suffer insomnia. Obama Kush certainly gets my seal of approval !