Oaxacan Highland ReviewOaxacan Highland is a hybrid herb of Sativa dominance. This originated in in Mexico and gained fame in the 60’s and 70’s. This powerful strain is very trippy. As they say ” you might take a trip and never leave the farm ” Quite a spicy herb that gives off a woody piney aroma. Let me tell you more about this extraordinary doobage in this Oaxacan Highland Review.

Oaxacan Highland Review

A few years back I was part of an archaeological expedition in the jungles of Mexico. When we were in Mexico city I picked up a nice bag of Oaxacan Highland. Never had I tried this but I had heard that it was very good. After we had hacked our way through the jungle for 4 hours we finally discovered a a ancient Mayan pyramid. So that night we made camp and lit a campfire and also a couple of nice spliff’s of Oaxacan Highland. This was mind blowing. I went into a dream. I was walking in a rain soaked city with Soup Bone, Spanky Buttons and Mr. Crickets. A group of squirrel’s were playing checkers on a front stoop of of an apartment building. Spanky Buttons turned on her neon tattoo’s.


Mr. Cricket’s produced a flute from his old overcoat and began to play Itchy Anus Blues by Peg Leg Petunia. The next thing we were in a boat that was full of marshmallows. So we crossed a river and ended up in a Irish pub. Three bearded midgets giggled as they served us pints of beer. I later found out they were transvestites from Utah. Worms were crawling all about in some sort of ritual that I could not understand. Finally I woke up and told the rest of the crew about my dream. They told me they all had the same type of outlandish experiences. I’ll tell you Oaxacan Highland was stupendous !

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