Nutella Muddie Buddies Marijuana Edibles ReviewThe Purple Alligator just dropped what might be the most decadent medical edible to date. This Nutella Muddie Buddies Marijuana Edibles Review will have you munching 75 mgs worth of THC in Nutella covered Chex cereal. So, grab the milk and a bowl and start your day off with a real boost of energy and well being. If you are the wake and bake type and medical edibles are an essential part of your morning routine you have come to the right place.

In the morning I like a huge black coffee and that’s usually about it. But, if I am dragging me feet and sluggish I like to eat something sweet. So, Nutella is just about the best choice of any food on Earth. If you’ve never tried Nutella, oh man, you need to go buy some. It is easily the best tasting “chocolate” I have ever tasted.

I live on a Caribbean island which is mostly Latin culture and Spanish speaking folks. Let me tell you Latinos know all about Nutella. Moreover, it lines the shelves of every supermarket in the country. Either way, what you really what to try is a Muddie Buddie. It is Chex covered in THC infused Nutella. Wow. Now this delightful combination of Nutella and Chex is hitting the shelves of marijuana dispensaries throughout North America. Time for breakfast people.

Nutella Muddie Buddies Marijuana Edibles ReviewNutella Muddie Buddies Marijuana Edibles Review

One Purple Alligator package contains about 75 mgs of THC. That is a good solid three servings. Or two depending on your experience with medical edibles. I like a smaller bowl of about 15 mgs. I then add about 10 to 15 mgs of Hemp Milk. My morning hunger satisfied, I am energized and I feel great. Also, I actually wrote a review for Hemp Milk that you can check out right here

Finally, Purple Alligator is great little company with innovative ideas. Therefore, you will want to wake and bake with a chocolate crunchy kick. Enjoy your day friends.