Northern Lights ReviewNorthern Lights is one of the famous Indica stains of all time. A product of Sensi Seeds this is an award winning herb. Afghani and Thai landrace strains are of it’s origins and has been around since 1985. Building up a reputation that has been growing ever since. This spicy sweet herb has a very pungent aroma. So the buds themselves are purplish in color and are richly coated with diamond like crystals. Northern LIghts. Moreover the high you recieve is dream like and very relaxing. These qualities helped me immensely as you will see in this Northern Lights Review.

Northern Lights Review

I had just come off the road as tour manager of the Los Angeles heavy metal band The lugnuts and needed a change. I got offered a job with the very popular Inuit band the Snowcones from Tuktoyatuk on the shores of the Arctic Ocean in the Northwest Territories. So I drove up and camped along the way. One night I was sleeping when a large Grizzly bear ripped my tent to sheds and chased me up a spruce tree. Instantly he was trying to claw his way up to have me as a tasty treat. As luck would have it I had an ounce of Northern Lights and some chocolate in my cargo pants. I chewed up the chocolate and spread it on the herb and threw it down.

Lucky Me

The bear quickly gobbled it up and 20 minutes later was playing with a group of squirrels and a lonely beaver. I shimmied down the tree and took off in my Land Rover. So I made it to Tuktoyatuk and planned a worldwide Snowcones tour. The band played to sold out shows and wrote some great songs for there new album Lump Sum.Thanks to Northern Lights I avoided being eaten and lived to tell this incredible story !

Natural Healing

Northern Lights is helpful for conditions such as depression, headaches, insomnia, pain, and stress. I can tell you it personally helped me with the stressful memories of my encounter with the Grizzly. I later found out from the park ranger his name was Garry.