New Zealand Purple ReviewKiwi is a sativa dominant hybrid strain with roots in east Indian Sativa, South African and New Zealand Purple Indica. These bodacious buds packs powerful knock out punch potency. One time I had a bit to much. I became a first class space cadet. A earthy smokey aroma fills the room with pungent panache. The flavor can only be described as a citrus and a sweet burst that will tantalize your taste buds. Also I will show you how this fine herb helped me through a difficult and somewhat strange part of my life. All will be revealed in this New Zealand Purple Review.

New Zealand Purple Review

I moved to New Zealand when I was ten years old. It was news all over the world. A boy found that was raised by Kangaroo’s. In Australia.  I fell out of truck that I was put in with a litter Dingo puppy’s. An aboriginal with a boom a rang had hit the driver in the head and the truck went into the ditch, so I was ejected into a troop of Kangaroo’s and was put in pouch were I felt the most love I have ever felt in my life. By the time I was two I was hopping along with my troop family, happy as a clam.

I would always wear a hoody with a pouch just to feel like I belonged. When I was five The whole troop including my father Doug and my mother Karooch discovered a patch of New Zealand Purple the hippy’s had planted. We grazed everyday. The whole troop were happy and more contented as never before.


However also everything changed when the government rounded us up and discovered me. They sent me to New Zealand to live with my aunt Olive. She helped me walk on two feet and not hop anymore. I learned English and was the star on the football field with my unique moves. What I loved the most was I still had access New Zealand Purple. Moreover this helped immensely in my assimilation to normal society. I did long for the old days. On dark moonless nights I would go to the park just to hop around in private while toking some herb. I always wear a hoody with a front hand pouch. I just feel more comfortable.