Nepaleses Dragon ReviewThis unique hybrid is outstanding in the world of Hindi Kush and Nepali hybrid. A very intense 50/50 Indica- Sativa mix that produces a great body and head high. The Ministry of Cannabis is responsible for this very fine strain. The buds themselves are robust and have a nice frosting of trichomes and are covered in nice red hairs. With a nice exotic insense aroma and a nice earthy flavor makes for a very nice smoke indeed. With a THC of 17% this makes for a nice high but will not leave couch locked. I myself find this very good for coping with anxiety as you will see in this Nepalese Dragon Review.

Nepalese Dragon Review

A few years ago I went on a what I thought was a spiritual adventure to the birth place of the Dali Lama. So I along with four Sherpa guides and sled dogs we set forth from Nepal to Tibet. We needed to treck across very rugged mountainous terrain. I brought some Nepalese Dragon herb with me which gave me motivation. Three hours into our journey a giant snow storm began to overtake us. We pitched our tents for the night. The storm raged through the night. In the early dawn the dogs began to howl like crazy. I unzipped my tent and had to dig my self out. Moreover I then understood why the dogs were barking.


Before my eyes stood a 8 ft. tall giant white hairy beast. A Yeti as it were ! I thought quickly and threw it my stash of cannabis. The monster quickly ate it. Within a half hour the Yeti was preoccupied making snow angels and a snowman. We had no problem tearing down camp to leave. The Sherpa’s were amazed at the Yeti’s behavior. But I was not. I hope this story comes in handy if you come across an abominable snowman. Have some herb because it works wonders.


Nepalese Dragon has been used to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis, nausea, inflammation, muscle spasms and PTSD.