Time for a magical mystery tour of the mind, spirit and body in today’s Mystery Jazz Strain Review. This is one fantastic hybrid. Few hybrids bring together the best of both worlds of Indica and Sativa quite like Mystery Jazz. It is a very aromatic and delightfully potent weed that is sure to please even the most discerning connoisseur. This well-balanced strain delivers on both the mental and physical levels. And to top it off has one of the most unique flavours I have ever enjoyed.

Mystery Jazz Strain Review – Deep Flavours

Mystery Jazz Strain, Review, Beautiful Woman Playing Sax, Sexy Pinup Girl, Sexy Retro WomanI like a bud that is full flavoured. If you do as well, Mystery Jazz will not let you down. The flavours come from the diverse array of genetics in its rich lineage. The marriage starts with Jazz strain, which is a hybrid of Galactic Jack, and Raspberry Kush. And from Mystery Machine, which is a hybrid of Girltime and Scooby Snacks. That is one interesting family. And the payoff is sweet, literally. The taste is sweet and tropical with the typical diesel found in all Kush strains. You really taste the complexities. I noticed earthy hints as well as citrus, and even overtones of buttery cream. It makes for some heavenly clouds.

The folks at Heroes of The Farm crafted this strain with flavour in mind. They also went for balance and achieved it wonderfully. Mystery Jazz is a perfect 50/50 split between Indica and Sativa with 22% THC. The effect is deep and relaxing at the onset but shifts gears into a very uplifting and euphoric buzz. The high lasts a good long time as the sensations interchange throughout the hours. I really like this strain for recreational reasons. But I would also highly recommend it for medicinal reasons as well. If you buy the seeds you can expect between 50 and 70 days to harvest. Also, you might want to get your self a Grow Kit as this is a sensitive strain that does not fare well outside.