Mr. Nice ReviewMr. Nice is a hybrid which is a mix between the famous strains a G 13 and Hash Plant. Sensi Seed Bank is responsible for this fantastic hybrid. You can expect a happy, relaxed sensation. Being an Indica makes this a good choice for Insomniacs. More of a nighttime or day off herb. This would not be a wise choice if you were going to the gym for a work out or running a marathon. This herb helped me greatly recently after a stressful day as you will see in my Mr. Nice Review.

Mr. Nice Review

Three nights ago I had a sleepless night to say the least. Because the neighbor’s dog was barking loudly and my beautiful wife Shuga was snoring a farting until the break of dawn. I stumbled to the bathroom after stepping on my eye glasses and proceeded to brush my teeth with hemorrhoid cream much to my chagrin. I tripped on some toys on the stairs and sprained my ankle.  Breakfast was not to be had because my over weight children had eaten the fridge bare except for a mouldy piece of cheese. I went out to the car with my stomach rumbling to find someone had stolen the wheels off it and it and it was on blocks. I walked down and caught the train and got my pocket’s picked by some nefarious geriatric hoodlums.


So I finally made it to work at the Titan Toothpick factory. It was then found out the counting machine was out of order and I had to fill the hundred’s of boxes by hand. After 8 hours my fingers were bleeding and I went home to find my wife naked playing canasta with my neighbor Floyd. I went out in the back yard and toked some Mr.Nice herb and stared at the stars. Finally those troubles of the day dissipated and I could finally relax. I hoped tomorrow would be a better day !

Natural Goodness

This herb sure helped me relax and eased my mind. Mr. Nice is also useful in the treatment of depression, pain, headaches, and improves appetite. Everyday they are finding more usages for cannabis for medical conditions. The natural cure !