Moon Rocks have been called the caviar of weed. The connoisseur’s and people in the industry, know one thing! This cannabis is one of, if not the most powerful ganja in the world. Describing the making of most bodacious bud will have your mouth watering. So most importantly choose a top notch bud. Kush OG, Girl Scout Cookies etc. Then dip the bud in hash oil using tweezers then sprinkle the sticky nugget with Kief. Moon rocks will send you off into the stratosphere. An intergalactic voyage awaits your expanding mind with this potent pot. Let me tell you more of my experience in this Moon Rocks Marijuana Review.

Moon Rocks Marijuana Review

Moon Rocks Marijuana Review - Lunar Landing 2About a month ago I received and invitation from my best friend Smedley. The note read there was to be a big full moon party deep in the forest outside of Vancouver. I was very curious because the instructions were to bring maple syrup and be prepared for something very different. So the night of the party, Smedley and I set off following the directions to the party. So two hours later after parking the car and hiking through the woods we came to a clearing with a huge bonfire. There were two table’s set up. One was set up with various tasty foods. The other had only two big bowls of Moon Rocks and bongs.

Lunar Landing

We quickly joined the other party people toking bowls of the potent herb. Once we were in the higher heights, the master of ceremonies Willy the Wizard gave us our orders. It was at this time he introduced Gertrude from Ma & Paws dog grooming service, holding big bags of dog fur. We were then instructed to strip naked and cover ourselves with our maple syrup. I was surprised when Gertrude came around and covered us with dog fur. Just our eyes were showing.

Moon Rockin

The full moon had risen through the tall pines. We began to howl at the moon like werewolves, also dancing around the bonfire in a clockwise motion. In our elated condition it was both hilarious and bizarre. After 20 min we all ran into a shallow river and washed off. We then gorged ourselves at the buffet and grooved to house music till daylight. Moon Rocks made it a night I will never forget.

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