Moon Rock Weed is the Elvis Presley, The Tom Brady, The Led Zeppelin of the marijuana world. You can not, I mean can not come close to smoking anything remotely as powerful as this shit. If you want to get higher than Courtney Love with needles hanging out of her arm smoke some Moon Rock Weed and we guarantee you the trip of your life time. 

What exactly is Moon Rock Weed? Well, its your dream come true. I have been smoking pot since the early 1980’s. So, I can tell you I have tried everything. And I have done it every way possible. I have smoked joints, used bongs, pipes, vaporizers, eaten medical edibles and everything in between. But I never ever got even close to as high as I did from Moon Rock Weed. This stuff will make you bat shit crazy. I am not exaggerating here. 

Moon Rock Weed

Let’s break it down, shall we? What better way to start than talking about the THC levels. This bad boy packs over 50% THC. Yes, that is right Folks. 50% of THC for your smoking pleasure. I smoke pot and write reviews for a living and the strongest weed I have ever seen was close to 30% and even that is very rare and hard to find. But 50%? You have got to be kidding. How is this possible?

The potency comes from the unique thing that makes it a moon rock. A Moon Rock is created by taking a fat bud of Girl Scout Cookie Strain and dipping it in or spraying it with hash oil. Then you roll it in kief. Total Insanity. It’s like a something a chocolate lover would create by taking a chocolate bar, dipping it in chocolate sauce then rolling it in chocolate power. The result would be choco- heaven. Well, Moon Rock Weed is cannabis heaven. 

So How Do I Make It Myself?

You will be happy to learn that it’s not difficult to make and you don’t need anything too complicated. Get yourself your favourite strain, GSC is the traditional choice due to its potency. Then you’ll need some hash oil and a big ass bowl of kief. Lastly, all you need are standard kitchen utensils. 

Now grab yourself a fat and thick nugget and roll it in your kief bowl until that puppy is nicely covered and sparkling. Next, take your hash oil and pour it into a small spray jar. Then fire away until that Moon Rock is saturated. That’s it, folks. Let it dry. It might be hard to light. So, sprinkle some more dry kief and that Rock will light up like Mount Vesuvius.

Moon Rock Weed

Will I Get High? 

Will you get high? Are you fucking kidding me? Ahahahaha. I can promise you 100% that you have never in your entire life been anywhere close to as high as you will be when you smoke Moon Rock Weed. Even the everyday, heavy toker will be knocked on their ass. I smoked at 3 pm in the afternoon with some friends. They told me to smoke at home. Thank God I did. I was not only as high at midnight as I was at 4 pm, But I was also stoned when I woke up the next day. Moon Rocks are not for the faint of heart. The first time you try I suggest no more than 2 or 3 hits. Trust me, people. Enjoy your trip.