I am pretty excited about my Monkey Twister Pipe Review. I do so many high end reviews that I find it quite refreshing when I stumble upon a good product that is also affordable.

Well, the Monkey is just that. This is a solid portable pipe that is fun and actually works great. Best of all it costs less than 15 bucks. I recently had to take a very long train ride from Miami to Washington D.C. I wasn’t thrilled to be stuck on a train for so many hours. Nor was I that happy for the reason for my trip. But alas, I had to go and so I bit the bullet and hopped the train. I always make sure to bring a portable device with me when I go anywhere. If I go without smoking pot for too long I can become a very unlikable character. So, I don’t let happen, ever. 

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As a result, there was no way I was getting a train without my private stash. Since I am always trying new things I bought myself the Monkey Twister. I bought it also to do a review. I wasn’t expecting too much. But it turned out to be great little discreet pipe. It really did the job. I spent the whole time in the bar car drinking beer and chatting with some fun young girls from Boston. And one by one we would take trips to the restroom for a toke. The girls loved it too. So, my dread had been replaced by one of the best business trips I have really ever had.

Monkey Twister Pipe Review

First and foremost, The Monkey is all about value. At $14.24 dollars you are not going to find anything close. Secondly is the portability and discretion. You can pop this right in your jeans pocket. The best part is you can pack the bowl beforehand. That way when the time is right you just whip it out, do your business and get back to work.

The Monkey’s really well crafted. The hardwood’s nicely finished. And the mouthpiece’s made of nickel plated brass, not too shabby for 15 bucks. The bowl has a lot of room. I can get 5 to 6 decent hits on one packing. I really like the design. You simply swivel open the pipe and you’re ready to go. This has been a classic pipe since the late 80s and early 90s.

Anyone who was in high school back then has surely tried The Monkey Twister. I really like the value here. It is not often that you get quality and affordability in one purchase. But you do with the pipe. So, I give our Monkey Twister Pipe Review a nice big Thumbs Up.