Welcome to the jungle and to our Monkey Thunder Strain Review. This strain will make you go bananas from start to finish. This is one monkey that you won’t want to get off your back. There are lots of jungle flavours like pineapple, lemon and hints of citrus. And although the THC levels are a mystery I can assure you that you will be swinging from the vines like Tarzan, howling like a beast of burden. Let’s check out what we know and do not know about this interesting strain.

Monkey Thunder Strain Review – Mystery of the Jungle

Monkey Thunder Strain Review, Sexy Woman, Sexy Jane in the Jungle, Gorgeous Woman in Bikini, Phantom Farms Of OregonFirstly, let’s take a peak at what it is we do know about Monkey Thunder. I know one thing, it will get you high. A friend of mine who owns a dispensary got his hands on some and called me up to test it out. I do reviews for his dispensary as well, as he knows my reputation is impeccable and my experience unmatched. Monkey Thunder is a potent stain. We know it’s a hybrid of Tropic Thunder, Maui Wowie, Lemon Pineapple and Monkey Face, an impressive family. You can buy seeds online. And the plant takes about 50 days to reach fruition.

Secondly, let’s look at what we do not know. Well, this is interesting stuff. Nowhere could I find out the THC levels. I went to websites such as Allbud.com and Leafly.com and found very little information. So, I went to the source, Phantom Farms of Oregon’s website. You can click on it yourself to check it out. Surprisingly, it turns out that Monkey Thunder is a bit of a phantom itself. They list 6 different strains that they sell. But Monkey Thunder is not one of them. Strange isn’t it? No worries, the strain does exist. But the grower does not list it on their website. That is a first. So, good luck finding any. But, should you be so lucky. buy some. You won’ regret it.