Mochi Gelato Review 1Mochi Gelato is a groovy ganja from the creative breeders at Cookiefam. When you combine Sunset Sherbert and Girl Scout Cookies you create a stupendous Indica Dominant Hybrid. With THC levels from 20 -25%. Spicy, flavourful, aromatic, potent are just some of the numerous positive words to describe one of my most favourite doobage of all times. I find this very relaxing and soothing. A great herb for listening or playing music. Your senses comer alive from your taste buds to your toes. Sparking your brain into creativity and self awareness of all the possibilities of a world of love and kindness. I will tell you now of just one of many fantastic experiences in this Mochi Gelato Review.

Mochi Gelato Review

My father who was a meteorologist passed away recently. I was sadly going through his things in the garage when I came across a large box of weather balloons. I looked out the door and saw his favourite aluminium lawn chair and had an epiphany. I was going to fly and pay tribute to my late father with an adventure. I bought four large tanks of helium. So with the help of my uncle Abner we filled 25 balloon’s to capacity. We had tied the chair down but it was straining to break free as we attached the last one. Bringing my backpack full of food and water I also did not forget my spliff’s of Mochi Gelato. So Abner cut me loose and I shot into the atmosphere.

Up and away

Wow! I soon reached 20,000 feet and lit a joint with my Zippo. Peace and contentment filled me with wonder as I looked at the earth below. It was cold up there, so moreover I was glad to have brought my winter jacket. After 3 hours I started to shoot the balloons one by one slowly with my bb gun. Landing some 700 miles from home in a Florida nudist colony for little people was quite a shock to say the least. My father would have been proud. Mochi Gelato gave me the inspiration for this fine tribute to my dad.

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