mk-ultra-reviewMk Ultra packs a powerful punch ! In the world of Indica Strains this ranks among the most greatest. If you are looking for a very intense body high to fullest – look no further. Mk Ultra is the pedigree of outstanding Indica hybrids – OG Kush and G-13. The result can be physically sedative. The couch will be your destination after a couple of hits from this super strain. Definitely not for the first time or novice smoker. Night time would be the right time to partake of almost hypnotic herb, or you might find yourself daytime napping. Excellent choice if you suffer from insomnia.


Sensations from Mk ultra are happy and euphoric besides the relaxing laziness with deep contemplation. The 22% THC is a bit deceiving because the effects feel like it could be double and the high lasts a long time. One of the most powerful Indica’s in the world this strain won the 2003 High Times Cannabis Cup for best Indica. From my own experience this Indica had me feeling very hungry after about 20 minutes, and was on the phone ordering take – out. Not the best choice if you happen to be trying to watch your weight ! I watched two hours of Ren and Stimpy and almost laughed up my spleen !

Award Winner

Best grown indoors Mk Ultra produces dense sticky buds covered in resin and abundant with deep orange trichomes. The pungent aroma is that of pine and wood. This works well in any form of usage and a vaporizer is no exception. This herb is very potent and I smoke it for deep relaxation, listening to my favourite music, video or just contemplation. Because of it’s strength many cancer patients have bee known to use this for nausea do to chemotherapy. Once you try this as an experienced smoker you will understand why this herb is an award winner !

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