Mint Chocolate Cupcake Marijuana Edibles ReviewAllow me to introduce you to Miss Bliss in today’s Mint Chocolate Cupcake Marijuana Edibles Review. Miss Bliss makes the best cupcakes you are ever going to try in your entire life. These High Times award winning delights pack 200 mgs of THC and are as fresh the day you get them as right when they came out of the oven.

When a cupcake is winning edible awards you know that there is much more to the edible than the level of THC. It means you are getting a high quality product from a well established baker. These cupcakes are so good in fact you would want to buy them with or without the THC. But go for the THC. You will be glad you did. I sure am. Now I am not sure if the cannabis strain is an indica or a sativa. But from how energized I felt I would guess its a sativa. Although that could easily have the high sugar count that gives the energy rush.

Mint Chocolate Cupcake Marijuana Edibles Review

Mint Chocolate Cupcake Marijuana Edibles ReviewAt Bliss Edibles they take real care and compassion in every cupcake they craft. They comply with all of the highest legal standards in the great state of California. They bake only with pure goodness. Also, they use local fresh and organic products. They pride themselves on healthy choices and patient care. They want you not only to get well. And they also want you to enjoy yourself and eat well.

The cupcakes are so good. They combine mint chips in a soft chocolate cake. That alone is enough to satisfy even the most discerning muncher. But then they top it off with real cream cheese frosting. All I can say is WOW. To then combine that with a high infusion of cannabis is to truly dine like a King. This is one Blissful Cupcake.