Mellows Marshmallows Marijuana Edibles ReviewOh sweet treat, the Dessert God’s have smiled down upon me. Your weekend camping trips will never be the same after reading our Mellows Marshmallows Marijuana Edibles Review. These handcrafted celestial gifts dance in taste and power harmoniously. One 5 mg marshmallow will light your taste buds up. And release a rush of endorphins throughout your body.

I was so excited when my exquisitely packed marshmallows arrived. So I opened the box. It really took my breath away. It looked like a box of the most expensive treats you could ever purchase. I thought of seeing them on a silver platter being served to the Queen of England. Look at the picture. You can practically smell them. There were certainly not meant for the campfire. And would not be going on any camping trip with the boys. These Mellow Marshmallows were coming out that weekend at a nice little dinner party.

And so they did. Now, I know you are not going to believe me. But, I actually went out and bought doilies. Hey, why not? My wife thought it was nice. I laughed to myself. But it was well worth it. My guests loved them. Also, we had been drinking wine. So by the time the wife brought out dessert we were having a good time. Then it got a whole lot better. We got Mellow.

Mellows Marshmallows Marijuana Edibles ReviewMellows Marshmallows Marijuana Edibles Review

The artisans at Mellows handcraft each marshmallow. They’re then lab tested for freshness, quality and consistency. Well, I can attest. They are consistently awesome. They only use pure sativa buds. So, the high is very euphoric. Each marshmallow has 5 mgs. Therefore, you get twelve per box. I find that 3 is enough for me.

So, if you like this, and you will, try some of these. I really like truffles. I wrote them a review that is worth checking out here Or have a nice drink of Hemp Milk with them. Either way, desert will never be the same. Order a box today. And have a dinner party you might forget. Bon Apetit!