Oh yes friends, it’s time to party. Grab the Jello shots and turn up the music. Our Mellow Jello Marijuana Edibles Review is one super fruity and refreshing change from your everyday medical edible. These little assorted shooters pack 15 mgs of THC each and come in super fun flavors that will make you the hit of any party.

I wasn’t really all that overly excited about buying Jello shots infused with cannabis. My thoughts were that Jello shots are generally small and bland. So if you add 15 mgs of THC to one single shooter there would be a really strong cannabis taste. I don’t really care for bad tasting edibles. As you know I am a professional tester and review master.

But my wife insisted. She thought they would be fun either way. So I figured, what the Hell. The worst case scenario is that we would have some Jello shooters that did not taste great , everyone would be stoned and I would write a negative review.  Mellow Jello really surprised me. The shots were great tasting, powerful and a lot of fun. Everyone loved them. And we all got nice and stoned and had legendary party.

Mellow Jello Marijuana Edibles ReviewMellow Jello Marijuana Edibles Review

Grab a package of 24 Jello Shooters and you will get a potpourri of fun flavors. In fact you get 12 flavors. That is 2 each, of flavors like Watermelon, Cherry, Mango, Tangerine and so much more. And surprisingly they taste great. Now, I don’t think this is one of the more “healthy medical edibles” on the market.

But then again I don’t think for a minute that they ever tried to present themselves as such. This is a fun sugar packed Jello shooter meant for recreational use. Although, Jello certainly is a great medical option for those that hate pills. So, in that respect,  it is great for patients

Mellow Jello is a really fun cannabis treat. It is far from “high quality.” But if you’re just looking to have fun, it ‘s well worth the investment.