The Medusa is one bad ass Bong. If this Medusa Bong Review doesn’t convince you to try it out then you will sadly be missing out, bigtime. This is one of the most unique bongs on the market today. And, I can honestly say it is kicks ass. Just look at it. Have you ever seen anything like this in your life? No, you haven’t because there is nothing like The Medusa anywhere, at any priceMedusa Bong Review

Medusa Bong Review

Number one, this thing just looks so freegin cool. I have never enjoyed hitting the bong as much as I do when I bust out my Medusa. Just watching the smoke fill up the multiple pathways is so nice.  The kinetic propeller perc is great it really moves the smoke around evenly. And I also really like the bent neck. It not only looks cool and has no hard lines it also has a function. It does a nice job of preventing water from splashing into your mouth. I hate standard bongs with short straight necks. Nothing is grosser than a mouth full of dirty bong water.

And the coolest feature of all is the recycler. The air gets repeatedly looped through the arms. It  recycles over and over cooling off the smoke and making for a much smoother and less harsh session. You will love the taste of your dry herbs after they recycle. I really like my Medusa. Even when I am not having a session I enjoy just looking at it sitting on my table. So do all my friends. It always gets the conversation started.

Is The Medusa Worth $250 Dollars?

If you enjoyed our Medusa Bong Review then go to the Sesh Supply website and pick one up for around $250 dollars. They come in two very cool styles. There is the Lemon Drop model. And there is the Red Elvis. Both are great looking. These are real collector’s pieces and sure to give you years of pleasure. The Medusa is expensive. $250 dollars is a lot of money for a bong. It all depends on your budget. I say, go for it, if you can afford it.