There is no dispute among the medical establishment that medical marijuana is useful in the alleviation of various symptoms. Hence why I have compiled a Medical Marijuana First Time Users Guide. Many prescription drugs do not work. They can also result in side effects. Marijuana is still considered a schedule #1 drug. And therefore cannot officially be studied by the government controlled research. This will soon change. As the evidence of the many positive attributes that cannabis provides. It seems like every month there are different conditions that are found to be helped with CBD oil. CBD oil is just one of the 104 known cannabinoids. Plus this is number one for the use in medicinal values. This oil is extracted from the marijuana buds, also hemp. The psychoactive ingredient THC is not present in CBD oil. So it will not get you high.

Benefits of Medical Marijuana

CBD is usually diluted with hemp seed oil or coconut oil. Therefore it is safe for consumption of children. There are many adults smoke or vape cannabis to get high and relieve symptoms as well. Marijuana also has a sedative effect which can help with people with chronic illnesses. Going back to 2900 BC people enjoyed weeds many benefits. The human body actually has cannabinoid receptors which absorb the CBD and THC. Marijuana is not physically addictive, although can be psychologically addictive. Like most things in life moderation is the key. The use of CBD oil does not have an addictive nature.

A recent program about opiod addiction in the NFL is very prevalent. It showed that over half the players now use marijuana over opiods for pain relief after injuries. Especially with injuries associated with nerve damage and concussion. Concussion is one of the most common injuries with long lasting ramifications. Also, a huge factor in the use of marijuana for pain control is that there is no risk of overdose. CBD aids in the relief of painful muscle spasms in Multiple Sclerosis.

Receive Pain Relief

Chemotherapy causes nausea. Marijuana improves appetite. This is also true of AIDS patients that take medicinal marijuana. Nausea and lack of appetite are some of the symptoms. Charlotte’s Web is a marijuana strain whose CBD oil has had great success in then reduction of epileptic seizures. More than one hundred families have moved to Colorado to have access to this natural medicine. Researchers have been doing studies on rat’s that show a lot of promise on the debilitating disease of Alzheimer’s. Human research is hindered by governmental red tape. However, there is an ongoing study at Harvard University on the use of marijuana in the treatment of bipolar disorder.

Medical Marijuana – Natural Medicine

Glaucoma patients find relief from pressure in eyes. Treatment for this is only of short term with research now on how to prolong the effects. Marijuana may also be useful in the treatment of inflammatory bowel syndrome. THC helps to strengthen the intestinal wall. This helps it to become less permeable. One thing is also very clear with the use of marijuana. It spurs creativity.

Bob Dylan recently received the Pulitzer Prize for literature. Dylan has been a marijuana user since the early sixties. He turned the Beatles on to the creative cannabis. Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg are famous marijuana users as well. And they have no problem expounding it’s virtues of creativity. Medical professionals believe we are just now on the cusp of the many benefits marijuana can provide. So, if you are a first time user it is important to start slowly. Consult an open minded doctor about treatment.