Welcome to the wonderful world of true a medical edible marvel. Medamints are “The Original Cannabis Mints.” It is their motto. And no one has done it better. These low dosage mints are perfect for patients who need all day medication along with effective discretion. Today’s┬áMedamints Marijuana Edibles Review looks at an oldie but a goodie. There are many newcomers to the market but all pale in comparison.

Medamints Marijuana Edibles ReviewTrue medical edibles are not recreational for most users. So, the idea of cakes and brownies does not apply to patients that use cannabis to manage pain. Micro dosage and low dosage mints offer an easy way to quickly ingest an almost pure THC or CBD delivery that is fast acting and long lasting.

If you suffer from body aches or spasms that are relentless you need all day medication. Medamints are perfect. For all day use 10mg of THC is not a micro dosage by any means. So, you can learn by trial and error what dosage and in what frequency works for you. I find that for most users 10mg is potent as many patients do not ant the overwhelming head high and “trippy” feeling that accompanies high dosages of THC. But serious users may use up to as many as 5-10 mints a day depending on the severity of their illness.

Medamints Marijuana Edibles Review

Medamints are designed with the daily user in mind. Discretion is very important to those patients that need to also function and work. Each mint’s 10mg of THC delivers a solid low dose. That relaxes the body and eliminates pain without getting the user “high.” There is virtually no cannabis taste as the THC in infused and the mint is strong enough to block what little you might taste.

Medamints epitomize convenience and discretion. Each mint provides a dependable dose of 10mg THC making it easy to maintain the right medication level for you. Also you have nice breath.

You can learn more or order some today at their website. Get back in the game with a fresh smile and happy outlook.