Mean Green Martian ReviewMean Green Martian is an out of this world hybrid herb. A 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. This an award winning mix of Sharksbreath G13 and Haze. This is an award winner that is rapidly becoming very popular. Packing a powerful punch of cerebral altered consciousness. Be prepared for lift off to another plane of existence. Happiness abounds with euphoric bliss. This helped me deal with a strange situation and ease my anxiety, as you will see in this Mean Green Martian Review.

Mean Green Martian Review

The time travelers Baron Wolfgang von Frankensnitzel and the ultra gorgeous Zukie la Rue appeared out of the blue one day. They said they had something to show me in 3038. I was curious to say the least. Pack some of your Mean Green Martian the Baron said with a twinkle in his bright neon green eye’s. After we smoked, Zukie put the herb in a compartment in her arm and we left the roof in the Bionickenetic Orbitron Selector. What seemed like only seconds we were then walking through the door into a world of strangeness indeed. Worm like creatures of various color’s wearing Napoleon style hats started singing the theme song to Welcome back Kotter.

Marvelous Martians

I had a tear in my eye as they handed me plate of cheese and crackers.” Where am I asked ? You are under the surface of Mars the worm told me in thick Irish accent. The baron and Zukie told me they have been living here for millions of years. They have been observing the earth forever. They never made contact because they thought human’s were iresponsible in the earlier years. The time I spent with the Martians was fun and informative. We had a good laugh while getting stoned with Mean Green Martian. The worms said the name was funny because we don’t have a mean bone in our bodies because we don’t have bones! I returned to earth the next day with a new found appreciation of the red planet so far away.