Mazar ReviewMazar is one very relaxing herb with an uplifting high. Also will induce serious munchies. This can leave you so relaxed it might be a good idea to use later in the day. With a THC level of 20% it will knock your socks off. Take it easy, especially for the novice. This hybrid has a nice spicy and fruity flavor with a slight skunky aroma. A body and cerebral buzz that gives a fine all around great herb happiness. I found this also spurred on my creativity as you will see in this Mazar Review.

Mazar Review

A few month’s ago I decided to get into the cafe business and have a different theme. I had a few tokes of Mazar and came up with a new idea. My new cafe is called Counter Intelligence. The whole business is run by robot’s. With my enginerring degree at MIT made it much easier. So robots were a good choice to run the cafe because robots are my specialty. I designed it in an ultra modern futuristic way. Sort of a cross between Alien and Peewees Playhouse. The automatronic waitresses’s with various gorgeous rubber bodies were there to serve. The girls accents would change every three minutes. Which made for a freaky and funny stay. When you arrived the counter was a voice activated menu.

Future Fun

A menu that would make you suggestions. You then would sit and be served. The entire kitchen is computer automated. I had only one mishap when everybody was served an unusual dish. Strawberry ice cream with a tout’s head sticking out of the middle. Moreover it was sprinkled with a healthy dose of curried garbonzo beans with strawberry jam. I re-programmed and got the group of robots together which I considered family. I then made it also very clear that I hope everything will run like a well oiled machine. They all laughed at that one I should say ! I am living the life I created. Also my beautiful android Zukie la Rue even rolls me perfect joints of Mazar that I love to the fullest as it were.  Herb is happiness, yes it is indeed !

Take a look at this one if you will