Mazar Marijuana Strain ReviewWelcome to our Mazar Marijuana Strain Review.  التدخين والتمتع Named after Mazar-I-Sharif, this Indica dominant strain packs a potent 20% THC level that will both relax your nerves and boost your happiness level quickly. I am a big fan of the Afghani strains. And combine that with an Idica and I am one happy smoker. This strain is also sometimes referred to as Dutch Passion.

I hiked the border of Afghanistan on my way to Tibet. I remember we got a bag of some super skunky bud. In looking back it was probably Mazar. Also, it smells and tastes the same as that weed. It was a long time ago. Also I only got high on it once.

That was because we invited some rogue monkeys into our camp. We were hoping to give them some food. Which we did. However the alpha male had other plans. He grabbed the bag and they all literally high tailed it out of there. They didn’t even eat. I think they were honestly pot heads.

Mazar Marijuana Strain Review

Mazar Marijuana Strain ReviewMazar is the love child of Afghani Indica and Skunk#1. So that  explains why it is such a potent strain. Mazar is a famous strain in the medical world. That is due to the high CBD levels. Suffers of seizures see remarkable improvement with very little Mazar. But the benefits are not limited to these patients alone. A wide variety of ailments see great improvement. These include insomnia, depression, anxiety and body pain.

The effects of Mazar are very long lasting. I can take two hits off my vaporizer and head out for the day. When I get home 6-8 hours later I am still feeling relaxed and euphoric. I save a lot of money. I smoke easily half as much Mazar as I do any other Indica strain.

In conclusion, it is easy to see why Mazar is an award winning strain and a medical favorite. The taste is great too. It’s very earthy and has flowery hints like lavender. If you like Skunk strains and Afghani strains this could easily become your new favorite go to bud.     التدخين والتمتع