Maverick Glass Recycler ReviewThe Maverick is here and it is designed to excite all your senses. It is visually stunning and it’s functionality is superb. In today’s Maverick Glass Recycler Review we focus on what this Honeycomb recycler is, how it works and if it is worth paying $370 dollars for a bong.

Just the first look will have you hooked. The design of the honeycomb Klien is unlike any other water filtration recycler on the market today.  The visually grabbing dual chamber is sweetly accented by the colored glass and honeycomb percs. So, it looks good. That is abuntantly apparent. But does is burn dry herb with the best of them? Well. let‘s find out.

Maverick Glass Recycler Review

This is an American made Glass Recycler. She is meticulously crafted from thick branded American glass. And it is all about the honeycomb perc. The honeycomb perc has many holes that act as coolers. They diffuse and break up the smoke into many tiny particles. This evenly cools off the smoke and enhances the smoothness of each toke. There is a nice Dewar’s joint on a bent neck. And a flared mouthpiece that make it look cool and also make for a comfortable draw. The design is durable and air tight.  This creates the best possible situation for inhalation with less heat and less harshness on the throat and lungs.

Maverick Glass Recycler ReviewIt is all about recycling. The trick is that the multi-holed honeycombs recycle the smoke through the water filtration multiple times before the smoke ever reaches your mouth. This system of recycling creates the smoothest possible manner a person can create for easy and cool inhalation. It is an easy to use system. The main chamber houses the honeycomb perc.

This is where the process of diffusion begins. From there the vapor travels through the water and back through the main chamber. Then, the smoke moves to the separation tubes. And finally it reaches the recycling chamber. This process is repeated multiple times and then heads to your mouthpiece. It is a as simple as that. Ok, it is not that simple. But you get the point.

Should you buy The Maverick Recycler  for yourself?

I think so. I find very litle fault in The Maverick. It is solid and works great. It is expensive. But so are most bongs of this quality. So, I really think it is a good value.