Maui Wowie Review Yes its time for a Maui Wowie Review! Since the hippie days of the 60’s and early 70’s Maui Wowie was always the herb that was eagerly sought after especially after being made famous in the very popular Cheech and Chong movies of the 70’s. If you were lucky to find some you were one happy camperĀ  because unless you lived in Hawaii it had along way to go. Like the island it’s named after Maui Wowie is wonderful !

Maui Wowie Review Details

While writing this Maui Wowie Review we found this strain to be a thick aromatic Sativa with a tropical aroma and the bud’s are bright green, plump and sticky with tons of red hairs. With a THC Level of between 20 -25% this strain can give you a very energetic feeling and is well suited for awake and bake session. Reduction in anxiety and depression is also one of it’s fine attributes.

Hawaii being the birth place of surfing, you know those surf Dudes and Dudettes are frequently toking some of that fine Maui Wowie and hitting the waves for the day and then chillin at a beach bbq while listening to some awesome music. That’s one of the greatest attributes of the herb is the way music takes on a intense feeling to the core of your soul like the music is within you. Bob Dylan just won the Nobel Peace prize for literature. Quite an accomplishment for an avid herb smoker who introduced the Beatles to marijuana and changed the their direction in music like perhaps Sgt. Pepper.

Hang Loose With Our Mowie Wowie Review

Bob Marley the spliff smoking king of reggae played a sold out performance in Waikiki in 1979 and Hawaii has never been the same music wise as the reggae with it’s syncopated vibes is the predominant music of the island today with many local bands dominating the airwaves and music festivals. Maui Wowie has had an influence on this tropical paradise and I’m sure Bob Marley enjoyed it way back when, as the locals still do today. Try some Maui Wowie today … and Hang loose !