Mathematix Circular Pendant Chillum ReviewOnce again I have discovered a pipe unlike anything else I have ever seen, a beautiful necklace that doubles as a one hitter. This Mathematix Circular Pendant Chillum Review will change the way you think about pipes and fashion all at the same time.

I had to go to a silly fashion show recently. And I hate fashion shows. I mean don’t get me wrong I love beautiful women like any normal man. But the whole fashion world just ain’t my cup of tea. If you have ever been to one then you know exactly what Im talking about. Nonetheless, I go and it actually turns out to be a fun time. I had my body guard Zeke with me and he not only turns the girls heads with his big muscles, but he gets the girls interested in me. I love the look and the whipsers. “Who’s that guy?” “Is he someone famous?” It works everytime.

It really worked this time. And that is because the cutest little elfish girl in the place smiled at me when I walked by her. So, I waited until she approached the bar and saddled right up beside her. I ordered a rum and coke and she turned to me. That is when I saw it, this super cool necklace. The first words out of my mouth were,” Hi, that is a beautiful necklace. What is it?”

Mathematix Circular Pendant Chillum ReviewMathematix Circular Pendant Chillum Review

The pendant is so pretty and unobtrusive. I never in a million years would have thought this sweet girl was wearing her pot pipe on her chest as a fashion accessory. But there it was a Mathematix Chillum. I never heard of pendant pipes. What a revolutionary idea. And for 40 bucks? Holy crap. You even get a satin necklace string. The colors are gorgeous and the glass is branded. The chillum is made of 100% Borosilicate glass.

As far as discretion goes the pendant pipe takes the cake. I mean who would ever even consider asking a woman if her jewelery was actually drug paraphernalia? No one would. Ever. So I give this Mathematix Circular Pendant Chillum Review a bit double thumbs up for it’s James Bond style wickedness. When I am out of the house I want a pipe that is portable and discreet. Well, the Mathematix wins both of these categories hands down. And on top of that it looks nice. This is sexy and smart. I love it.

If you see a hot chick wearing one, pretend you have no idea what it is. Its the best ice breaker ever!