Master Kush is a crossbreed is a cross breed of two Indica strains from different areas of the Hindu Kush region. The Dutch White Seed Label. This strain produces a great body high without making into a space cadet. Master Kush, however, does not leave you couch locked like most Indicas. With a fruity, citrus taste and a jasmine fragrance, this is a delicious experience in every way. This happy herb is also good for lack of appetite as you will see in the Master Kush Review.

Master Kush Review

Master Kush  ReviewI was just recovering from a shark attack in while diving in the Great Barrier Reef. I was still healing from numerous lacerations and was going to be in a wheelchair for the next month. So my good friend Herbert gave me a job at his chocolate factory.  I happened to get locked in after having trouble in the warehouse with a forklift that was attracted to my chair … so weird. I wheeled down the rows of fresh chocolate of every kind and flavor. However I just however smoked a giant spliff of Master Kush and my chair got stuck in a spot of spilled toffee.


Moreover, I was hit with a serious case of the munchies and proceded to gorge myself for 3 solid hours. So the manager found me in the morning passed out. They had to rush me to the hospital where the doctors pumped out my stomach of 27 pounds chocolate. Moreover to my horror, they informed me that one more ounce would have killed me. Suffice to say I have developed an aversion to chocolate as it were, and you can understand why!


Besides appetite enhancement Master Kush is very good for relief of depression, stress, pain, insomnia, headaches. This awesome herbage is a good choice for an all-around relaxing time. Makes me hungry just thinking about it!