Master Kush is a superb strain from Amsterdam and is bred from the Dutch White Label Seed Company. This fine herb is a mix of two Kush strains from a region of India. Master kush is a very relaxing herb with a full body effect. It makes me very sociable and energetic. I never feel couch locked or lethargic. This is one herb that gives me inspiration and a sense of adventure, as you might see in my Master Kush Review.

Master Kush Review

I had just quit my job building log cabins. Cabin fever I guess ! I decided to take a pilgramage to India. I packed up my backpack and unicycle and hopped on a flight to Mumbai. My goal was to was to cycle the 592 km to Goa. I was not prepared for how difficult it was to traverse the traffic of car’s, motorcycles, cows, begger’s, street urchins and smog. On a unicycle ! To make matters more difficult I was taking video and texting the whole time.


I should have been more careful and ran into the back of a cow which landed me in jail for 3 nights. So unpleasant that it is to traumatic to relate at this time. After paying a fine of 78,000 Rupees I was free. Also out of the city everything was great the people were friendly. I had another setback when I had to stop at a roadside dentist for a root canal. They used a hand drill. It was quite painful to say the least. After various snake bites and a bad case of malaria I finally made it to Goa after 3 month’s. It was well worth it though because I found a nice hut on the beach and a nice bag of Master Kush. I am now writing a book on my adventures and will be out in June.

Medicinal Benefits

Like a lot of strains of kush this cannabis is very useful for insomnia, depression, stress, lack of appetite and pain.