Mascotte Extra Thin Rolling Papers ReviewThere are numerous reasons you need to try Mascotte. If you are a connoissuer of rolling joints or a master old school pot smoker you are going to love our Mascotte Extra Thin Rolling Papers Review. The big reason is Slim. Another reason is they come on a roll. And the best reason is the slow burn.

There is nothing like a slow burn. I tried these when I was in Holland years ago. They are a Dutch Rolling Paper Company that dates way back to the mid 1800’s. They are very popular there amongst the younger kids and the old folks alike.

When I got back to Boston I would look for Mascotte ocassionally in mom and pop shops and Super Markets but always to no avail. By the time the Internet rolled around I had pretty much forgetten about them until I saw a picture of them on a Bong website. So, I went straight to my credit card and ordered a box. It was so great when I got them. It brought back so many awesome memories of being at the Bulldog and The Grasshoper Cafes we frequented. I finally had some Mascottes 25 years later.

Mascotte Extra Thin Rolling Papers Review

Mascotte Extra Thin Rolling Papers ReviewThe irony that I had forgotten about these sweet papers is that they are super thin yet somehow burn slow. What more would you want from a rolling paper? You are inhaling less paper but getting more burn. I still do not know how they do that. What I do know though is that they are all natural, Chlorine and chemical free. How’s that for starters? One box contains 20 rolls. And this is a 5 meter length we are talking about. So the value is absolutely great. The width is perfect too, at 44mm.

Mascotte Extra Thin Rolling Papers Review – Summary

you really can not get a better rolling paper as far as slow burn is concerned. The fact that they are extra thin is my favorite part. And finally you pull them off the roll. So, if you like to control the size of your joints, you are in control. Oh and if you ever get to Amsterdam go to the Bulldog and give Daisy a kiss for me.